We Provide a Complete Internet of Things Solution
We Provide a Complete Internet of Things Solution

About AStar

AStar is a solution integration design company, specializing in delivering energy-saving and secured Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for enterprise businesses. We offer services such as chipset module design, network & cloud architecture design, and solution integration to provide a complete Internet of Things solution. Our extensive knowledge in systems integration between software, hardware, and architecture allows us to devise the most cost-effective, reliable, and scalable Internet of Things solutions. We primarily serve customers in sectors of retail, industrial, and hospitality worldwide and have delivered proven solutions to multinational retail chains and hotels.

AStar is headquartered in beautiful Taipei, Taiwan, where there is a complete technology supply chain. We work with industry giants and the world's top original design manufacturers & original equipment manufacturers to deliver power efficient and innovative Internet of Things solutions. Our team is made up of a group of highly skilled and experienced engineers, complemented by a management team with strong technical background.

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