Smart hospitality ensures a positive customer experience. With AStar's assistance, we can help hotels, resorts, and restaurant owners enhance their guest experience. We provide a complete entertainment, energy management, and advertising solution that will amaze your guests and increase the business's productivity. For example, guest can be given a...

Smart Industrial allows factories and operations to be more efficient and without human error. It can be used in supply chains that utilize RFID tags and remote monitoring. Instead of utilizing human resources, many functions in an industrial environment can be automated to increase productivity and safety. For example, you can create automated...

Smart Retail


One application of our Internet of Things solutions is already being used in malls throughout the world called Smart Malls. Smart Malls can be utilized for a number of different purposes, such as shopping analytics or mobile advertisement. For example, by using our solutions you can effortlessly and efficiently collect data on customers regarding...

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